Colin Brewer: Painter and Decorator
Decorating in Hayling Island and surrounding areas

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Friendly, Professional, Trustworthy Painter and Decorator and Handyman in:
Hayling Island, Langstone, Havant, Emsworth, Westbourne, Southbourne, Waterlooville, Purbrook, Widley, Rowlands Castle, Walderton, Funtingdon,
Chichester, Horndean, Clanfield, Cosham, Compton, West Wittering, East Wittering, Selsey, Birdham, Hunston, Dell Quay, and all surrounding areas... 

Decorating Tips:

1. After using an oil based paint, always wash your brush with white spirits, or leave it in water overnight if you are going to be using it again the next day.

2. Don't buy cheap brushes, as the bristles tend to fall out too easily.

3. Use a roller when painting a wall for a better finish.

4. Always use either oil based undercoat or stain block to paint out a water stain.

5. Use a rad-roller to paint behind radiators.

6. Always loosen light fittings, switches and sockets to paint under the edges,

rather than just painting around them.

7. If putting new carpets down, do the decorating first, as you get a better finish to the skirting.

8. When wallpapering, always make sure each roll of wallpaper has the same batch number, or you may find there is a slight variation in their colour shade.

9. Always use the best tools and equipment you can afford.

10. Always use a good quality paint. Using a cheap paint is often a false economy as more coats are required.

11. Make sure each coat of paint is properly dry before you apply the next coat.

12. Keep the area to be decorated tidy and as dust free as possible.

13. If walls are uneven, consider using a heavy lining paper before painting or hanging an anaglypta wallpaper.

14. When working on a ladder it is important not to over stretch as this can cause nasty accidents. Always work from the farthest point from you and work inwards.

Remember the golden rule: Good preparation is essential for a good finish!